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On the right are pictures of some of our grandchildren, Mathew, Daniel and Caitlin. Pictures of Ben and Ellie to follow soon. Behind them are some of their ancestors. The man seated is their great-great-great-great grandfather - George Holmes, the soldier to the left is his son Godfrey Holmes (their 3x great grandfather). I suspect the person on the right is one of Godfrey's brothers.


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Welcome to our web site, please browse around and see if anything interests you. Feel free to pass on your comments, suggestions or any of the information I am searching for. (See the Help Wanted page)

Have a look at the Family Tree which has now been updated to include most of my family data. If you spot any mistakes I would appreciate an email via the Contact tab above.

Hand-cycling may be something new to you; I explain what it is and what it means to me. Hand cycling routes that are personally tested are being added.

Another of my passions is food and cooking (too much for my own good if the truth be known). Favourite recipes and links to good ingredients will be available.

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