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  Support your local producers -  'Use it or lose it!'

Produce of Cumbria

Cumberland sausage, traditional dry cured bacon, cheeses, smoked foods, chocolates and many more wonderful foods are made in Cumbria.

My personal favourites, all tried and tested, will be added to this site soon.



Good food is a passion of mine. I love preparing and cooking it and of course eating it.

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!
And this is never more true than when cooking. A bad cook can always ruin good ingredients, but the best chef in the world can do nothing to improve poor quality ingredients. Always use the very best ingredients you can find. Wherever possible, buy locally from a reliable source, the food is fresher and you are supporting local industry and people. Farmers markets are really enjoying a boom at the moment and are a great way to get local produce. Like everything, there are some suppliers at the markets better than others, but take the trouble to talk to people and you will enjoy some wonderful products. Try some meat that has been properly hung instead of the fast track supermarket variety; Ok, you will pay a little more for it, but the flavour is so much better.

bulletBuy the best ingredients you can
bulletSupport local producers
bulletTake time with the preparation
bulletTry it as per by the recipe the first time, then experiment
bulletTo get the best taste of a fish that is new to you, simply steam it. A little salt and pepper and no sauces until you know what it tastes like.
bulletKeep notes of recipes you change.
bulletExperiment. For example, try tarragon instead of parsley sauce for vegetables.
Personal Favourites
Cranston's Cumberland Sausage

Woodall's traditional dry cured bacon and hams.

Recipes coming soon.