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  Only a Genealogist regards a step backwards as progress!

Cartoon of my Grandfather

Robert Graham


Family Tree
I am researching my family tree, using my grandchildren as the root of the tree. They are too young to be interested in it now, but hopefully when they are older, it might encourage them to continue the work I have started. I know that I wish someone had taken the time to start documenting our family history before so much was lost forever.

If you are thinking about starting your own tree, don't wait. Everyone I know who is researching their ancestors wishes they had started earlier.

Family Tree on the Web
The Family Tree button below will let you see our tree. I am looking for more information regarding my grandchildren's ancestors and would greatly appreciate any information you might have, please look on the 'Help Wanted' tab above for people I am particularly interested in at the moment.

If you are related and would like a copy of the tree in Gedcom format please send a comment through the Contact tab above.


My Great Grandfather


Godfrey Holmes