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Gary - Dedicated hand-cycle

Rick - Wheelchair with hand-cycle attachment

















Hand Cycling

Hand-cycles are used by both disabled people who by the nature of their disability are unable to use a leg powered bike and by athletes for cross training. Some years ago I broke my back in a parachuting accident. Unable to ride a normal bicycle, I have invested in a hand-cycle and now enjoy getting out in the fresh air and exercising with my wife and friends.

The picture below shows one type of hand cycle. There are loads of different ones available, some like this, a standalone device, others that are attachments fitted to a user's wheelchair.

I am based near the Lake District in England and if you use a hand-cycle and would like to get in touch for some rides, that would be great. Drop a message into the Contact page.

My lean green cycle machine

I completed the Great North Run on the 21st September 2003. Below are some pictures of the event and me crossing the finishing line in 1hr 14min 25 sec. A time that surprised  no one more than me.

 Can't smile, it's hard work!      Crossing the finishing line after 13 miles.


Routes in the Cumbria area of England are being posted with maps, distances, refreshment stops, profiles of the terrain and notes/comments. Access them via the Hand Cycling / Routes menu.