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Hand Cycling Routes - The Rickerby Circuit

This is a 16 mile circular route to the east of Carlisle. The route should be done in the suggested direction due to a very busy and steep hill at Warwick Bridge. There are various car parks marked on the route map and the directions given are from the car park at Rickerby Park in Carlisle (Marked P1). This is beside the River Eden and makes a nice picnic place, weather permitting.

Leave the car park and head east towards Rickerby but after 100 yards turn right along a footpath that passes a Monument. Continue to a kissing gate, which you need to go through. (My Sopur Spirit handcycle goes through Ok.) Go over the bridge into a car park, at the end turn right and continue down the street to the end, turn left and then left again onto Warwick Road. Continue until the Tesco entrance where you need to turn right. This is a busy road junction and if possible it is best to get onto the pavement on the right of the road earlier. Continue to a T junction, turn left, a bridge takes you over the M6 motorway and continue to Scotby. Turn right at the T junction and follow the road through to Cumwhinton. Keep left at the Lowther Arms (or call in for one) and left at the next T junction. Follow this road to Wetheral; as you leave the village over a small bridge, turn left to Wetheral Plains. Follow this road to a T junction and turn right onto the A69 towards Warwick Bridge. This is a very busy road, there is a footpath on the right, which keeps you out of the traffic, but as you approach Warwick Bridge, there is a very steep hill and the footpath stops before the hill, therefore get back on the road as soon as you reach the Warwick Bridge sign. Don't be tempted onto the pavement, on the left, I don't think it is wide enough for a handcycle. Down the hill and over the bridge and take the first left to Little Corby. Continue on to Newby East, be careful of the narrow bridge with traffic lights, wait for the lights, it's too narrow for you and oncoming traffic! There is a nasty little hill up into Newby East, turn left at the T junction and continue along for two miles, turn left and pass through the little village and join the A698. Turn left just before reaching the A689, there is a cycle path beside the road. At the roundabout turn left to Linstock and continue along this road to Rickerby and back into Rickerby Park and back to the car. There is a walkway/cycle path on the right as you get to Rickerby, but it is best to keep to the road as the gate at the end is too narrow.

The route is fairly level, with just a few short hills, the total height gained is approximately 600 feet and the maximum height is less than 226 feet. The route follows roads or tarmac paths all the way and the surface is good. Visibility is good most of the way, although a 'cissy flag' is probably advisable, particularly if travelling alone.

The car park at the start is good to have a picnic on a nice day and there about ten pubs on the way round. The Lowther Arms in Cumwhinton serves good food and there are shops on Warwick Road in Carlisle, Cumwhinton and Wetheral.