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Holmes - Suffolk

I am interested in any information about the Holmes family from Suffolk. Conyers Green is where I know some of them came from. Godfrey was my great grandfather and he was born there, moving to near Beaconsfield somewhere about the start of the 20th century, then moving to Westmorland. Other members of his family moved to, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire and North Yorkshire. If you know anything about them I would love to hear from you.

Family Information Wanted

I am seeking information about my family tree, not just who was who, but also information about their lives. What did they do, where did they live, how did partners meet? All the things that bring a family tree to life. If you can help with any information about the following people or their relations, I would be very grateful.

Name Born Place
Catherine Graham Abt 1822 Middlebie, Dumfries, Scotland
James Graham Abt 1823 Canonbie, Dumfries, Scotland
Elizabeth Blackie Abt 1838 Eccles, Berwick, Scotland
James Slater Abt 1834 Eccles, Berwick, Scotland
William T Kerry Abt 1827 Bury St Eds, Suffolk, England
Mary Ann Goold Abt 1837 Thorndon, Suffolk, England
Charles Holmes Abt 1863 Gt. Barton, Suffolk, England
George Holmes 4 Mar 1827 Gt. Barton, Suffolk, England
George Stockdale Abt 1810 Lowther, Westmorland, England
John Hebson Abt 1769 Newby, Westmorland, England
Richard Hebson Abt 1733 Newby, Westmorland, England
Elizabeth Huddlestone Abt 1860 Watermillock, Cumberland, England
Mary Huddlestone Abt 1828 Watermillock, Cumberland, England
Grahams - Gavinton

My maternal grandfather was Robert Blackie Speedy Slater  Graham, and hailed from Gavinton in Scotland. Others in the family came from Eccles, Canonbie and Middlebie again in Scotland. I know there are Grahams still in Scotland, possibly in the Kelso area, related to this line but I have lost touch. If you can help, please contact me.